Monday, June 29, 2015

Aguas de Mormón

So basically this week has been one of trials and miracles for us, but we´ve definitely learned a lot, and we just love the people here. I´ll start with the end in mind. At the beginning of the month, our zone leaders gave us a goal that every companionship was going to have a baptism June 27, and we were going to have a stake baptism called the Aguas de Mormón. 

Ok, so now the begninning of the week. On Pday we got to go into central and bought some cool soccer jerseys and what not, it was nice to enjoy a day because basically we´ve always had something on a pday. Then on Tuesday we went to visit one of our investigators. We were actually preparing her to be baptized for this activity and were super stoked to visit with her and help her prepare more. But during the lesson she basically counterargued everything that we taught and we realized that she really isn´t ready, and we´re probably going to have to leave her behind for some time. At first we were bummed that we didn´t have anyone for this activity, but then we felt like it was ok, and that Heavenly Father was happy with the work we´ve put in. 

Then on Wednesday we were trying to find new people to teach and I started to feel really bad. Turns out I had a fever, and I was able to stay with a member for a couple hours while Hermana Dansie was able to work with another member. We´re pretty sure I caught chinkakuya, which is basically a fever and pain. Everyone´s been dropping like flies pretty much, so we´ve been waiting for it to hit one of us. Wednesday when I woke up it was way worse and we had to stay in the house. 

But then Friday was our day of miracles. Hermana Dansie actually told me that Thurdsday night she prayed that friday would be a day filled with miracles, and it sure was. For one, when I woke up I felt a lot better, and we were able to work. Usually people who have caught this are in their house for a week but I just had the bad part for a couple days. Another thing was that our water tank was getting pretty low and we were worried we were going to run out of water, but that morning when we woke up we could hear it filling up.

Then the really cool thing. We had been thinking that we shouldn´t give up for this activity, and we remembered that there´s a 10 year old in the ward that hasn´t been baptized because he´s afraid of water. We decided to go visit him, and he told us he wants to be baptized but doesn´t know if he can do it because of his fear. Then our district leader came to interview him and afterward he said he could do it. It was really the best feeling ever for this kid, that he really felt like he could overcome his fear. And it goes to show that if you really do want to see a miracle, and you put your faith in the Lord, he´s going to provide a way. 

Saturday when we went to talk to the family again they decided they´re going to wait a week for the baptism, so we ended up not having anyone for the activity, but it was still just a miracle. We were thinking about it, and if we had just decided not to look for anyone else, this kid wouldn´t be getting baptized next week either, I´m really just super excited for him. 

This week I was reading in 2 Nefi 5, and it´s talking about when they split up into the Nephites and the Lamanites, and how the people of Nephi are living. Although they had to start over their lives and community to get away from the Lamanites, in verse 27 it says, "y aconteció que vivimos de una manera feliz." so something like "and it came to pass we lived in a manner of happiness." Although times weren´t the best they still followed God so they were living in a this manner of happiness. I encourage you to look how you can continue on this path of living in happiness. 

Les Quiero 
Hermana Leavitt

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