Monday, June 22, 2015


Well, there´s not really a whole lot to tell this week. Pretty much we´re trying to find new investigators because the one´s we´ve had havn´t been progressing. But pretty much we´re just crossing our fingers and having faith that we´ll keep seeing miracles. 

We´ve visited a lot of our less actives and recent converts lately, it´s been cool to see their progress. It´s cool how with every visit our recent converts want to learn more and know what the next goal is. So how about for us, what is our next goal in order to progress in the church? I think sometimes we may take for granted the things we learn at church, and don´t always realize just how blessed we are (at least that´s what I´m learning for myself anyway). Oh and plus this week, we had a less active that we´ve been visiting since before I got here, and that hasn´t come to church practically since he was baptized last year, come to church yesterday! I was pretty happy. Literally when he walked up to us I couldn´t even talk because I was so happy that he came. 

A miracle that happened this week was that we were walking in the street one day and a young couple with a son walked by. They stopped us and told us they just moved into the area but were listening to the missionaries before and want to be baptized but they need to get married. We haven´t been able to visit with them because they´ve been busy, but we´re keeping our fingers crossed. 

So our district leader has invited us every day to look for a miracle, or recongize a miracle, so I want to extend that invitation to you too. Every day this week look for miracle that has happened, and write it down so you don´t forget!

Love ya!
Hermana Leavitt

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