Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Full Week

Wow once again this week just flew by. It´s been good but it´s been hard too. We´ve had a lot of investigators that we´ve been teaching a few weeks but aren´t progressing because they´re not coming to church, so pretty much this week we´ve had to decide to leave pretty much all of them behind. But we´re focusing on finding new investigators and we know that we´re going to find some good ones.

This week we had a zone meeting, and it was pretty cool. We did an activity and all 16 companionships grabbed a Book of Mormon and went out in the streets for 15 minutes to have two lessons in the street. It was a cool experience. Hermana Dansie and I felt like taking one road, then another even though there weren´t any people. Then as we were walking we saw a guy sitting under a tree and we knew we had to talk to him. It ended up that he has taken the lessons before and was going to get baptized but then something came up. But he still wants to be baptized. We took his address and gave it to the elders that serve in that area. I don´t know what else to say other than it was such a cool experience. 

Then later that night we were out contacting in the streets and we ended up talking to a woman that has taken the lessons before and gone to church 6 times but never was baptized. We haven´t been able to see her again because her schedule is really busy with work, but we´re pretty sure it´s a miracle that we found her. 

I´ve really just gained a testimony this week that the people we talk to in the streets and give our number to are meant to happen. Each person we talk to in our lives isn´t just by chance. 

I hope you´re all doing good, love you!

Hermana Leavitt

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