Monday, June 1, 2015

What A Week!

There´s been so much that has gone on this week, but the hardest part is that a lot of it has been that we haven´t been able to focus as much on lessons because we had so much to do. But now we can focus and we´re pretty happy about that. 

So I forgot last week, but we had the opportunity at the end of the last transfer to go to the temple here in Tuxtla. It was a pretty cool experience. It´s definitely different than good old Saint George. For one it takes about an hour to get there, and two, I didn´t realize how quiet Saint George is, and how grateful I am for that. It was like walking into the temple it was so peaceful and you could feel the spirit, but when we left, it was like the world was hitting you with a wall. You opened the door and immediately you just hear music and traffic, it was pretty sad. So when you go to the temple, take the time to enjoy the spirit and the peace and quiet, it´s such a blessing. 

So this week we actually had the chance to go to the temple again, but with a recent convert. We´ve been helping him to work on and he was able to be baptized for his great grandpa, that was cool to see. We were kind of bummed because they wouldn´t let us go in to watch, I don´t really know why, but the doors were glass and we could see him through those. It was really just a neat experience to see him so excited to be able to that for his own family member. 

Pretty much the other crazy things this week were that we had to move. I guess they´ve been asking for months for the missionaries in this area to find a cheaper place to rent, and we found it! We pretty much only had friday and saturday to move, and we planned on friday but then no one in our ward had a truck, and I ended up being sick with a 101 fever so we weren´t really allowed to leave our apartment. But Saturday we were able to find someone with a truck and with the help of some elders and members we were able to move! Oh and funny story. So this whole time we´ve had three bedframes but one of them isn´t very sturdy so we don´t use it. But we found out that this whole time we´ve had bunkbeds and didn´t even know it! Sadly though the one piece is the unsturdy one so we left it for the member to take back to the mission home since it wouldn´t fit in our new house. 

This week we had some miracles happen too, it was pretty sweet. So here in Mexico our investigators have to attend sacrament meeting 5 times before they can be baptized. We have one investigator that is super excited to be baptized but he missed a sunday and had to change his date and was actually pretty bummed about it. The hard part is that he has school on Sunday´s, it´s the only days he could take the classes he needs at the university. But he leaves early so that he can come to church. So yesterday we get to sacrament and he´s not there, and the whole meeting we kept checking the door everytime it opened to see if it was him. Finally it was the closing song and I was pretty bummed because I knew we´d have to change his date again. I kid you not, we finished singing and the person giving the closing prayer was walking up to the stand and in walks our investigator. It was only a minute of sacrament meeting, but it was enough that he can keep his date. I don´t think hermana Dansie and I have been so happy before. 

Oh yeah, and can you believe it´s June already? Yeah, me either. 
Well I hope you have a great week, enjoy each day because they´re really short. Love you all!

Hermana Leavitt

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