Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Transfer Down

Wow, I can´t believe I´ve been in the mission field already for a transfer, it´s crazy! Half way done with my training already too, it´s crazy. Luckily though, we didn´t change areas or companions, six more weeks with Hermana Dansie! We decided yesterday that this transfer is going to be pure spanish, it´s going to be good. 

I had to give a talk yesterday in church, it actually wasn´t bad. My goal was for the people to be able to understand me, and they did, so I´m pretty stoked. We ate with a family yesterday too and they were saying that my spanish is actually pretty good, but I need to talk more because once Hermana Dansie leaves I´ll have to talk to everyone. Haha it´s good though. 

We had some cool lessons at the end of the week, it was a neat experience. We have one investigator that wants to be baptized but there´s always some excuse for why he doesn´t come to church. I honestly don´t understand it because he loves the scriptures and the gospel principles book and everything, but he doesn´t come to church. So when we taught him we focused on keeping the sabbath day holy. We were really trying to focus on not putting off schoolwork for Sunday, because that´s usually why he doesn´t come. At the end he said that he would try but he had something for school during the time that church is.  After the prayer too he looked kind of upset, and he said it´s so true what we were saying. That he knows he´s putting God second in his life and it´s not fair, he should be putting him first. I was super stoked after this and really thought this time he would try to come to church... nope. But we´ll just keep on encouraging him. 

We had a lesson right after that with a menos activos, and we tried to just help him with his doubts. At the end of the lesson he asked us when church was, out of nowhere. We were pretty excited for him too and thought that maybe he would come to church too, but he didn´t, but just to see the change that he had a little bit of a desire to come again gives us hope too. 

Pretty much though, going to church is so important!!! We have our personal study to learn everyday from the scriptures, but we have the opportunity to go to church and learn more in depth about the gospel and have the opportunity to ask questions to so many people and understand mroe. Why are we missing out on this opportunity! And most importantly, we have the opportunity to take the sacrament and be clean. We receive so many blessings by going to church, so why is it so hard some weeks to take the time to go? That´s what I´ll leave with you to think about this week. :)

I love you all, 
Hermana Leavitt

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