Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, 2 Months out but, whose counting

Wow, today is two months, how crazy is that! This week honestly flew by so fast, it´s crazy. Things are still going good, and continuing to get better. It´s really crazy to look back at the end of the week and see what you´ve really accomplished. This week we were kind of getting discouraged and feeling like some days we weren´t getting much done, but then last night we looked at all of our numbers for the week and they are either consistent or progressing overall. We´re way stoked to see this and want to continue to progress. 

Sorry, there wasn´t a whole lot that happened this week. A lot of our investigators that are progressing have been out of town, so we´ve mostly been teaching new lessons. I think that the hardest thing is that we teach a lesson or two and you can tell the spirit is there and that they feel something, but when we return they don´t want to continue. But if you´re not ready, you´re not ready. 

This week we´re trying to focus on our less active members. There are a lot here that we´re trying to find. On Wednesday we had meeting with President George and one thing that he said is when we focus on our less active members, not only are we reactivating these members, but usually they are part member families so with time we have the opportunity to teach their families too. We´re crossing our fingers and just hoping all goes well. 

One cool thing was that last week we had received a reference but we couldn´t find the home. Then the other night we were trying to teach a lesson and everyone we had planned for wasn´t home. We felt we should try one investigator that we haven´t seen for a while hoping that he would be home. Well, he still wasn´t. It was late and we had to go back to the apartment, and hermana Dansie started talking to a woman and her two kids that were walking by. We got her name and her address, and it´s the same woman that the people had given us a reference for before! How Cool!

Well all I can really give advice for is don´t be afraid to talk about the gospel. We never know when someone may have a question and sometimes a conversation will be exactly what they need. Always follow the spirit, and try to recognize how the spirit talks to you. 

I love you guys, have a great week!

Pic 1 Happy Birthday this week Daxton! Thanks for taking care of my dog for me little man :)

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