Monday, April 27, 2015

La Salle week 2

Well its been another week down. Its been super crazy for me to try and get stuff down, but Im learning. I think that the hardest thing is that I dont fully understand spanish yet, but its getting better. Its been cool to see that the more we talk with certain investigators, the more Im able to understand. I think the hardest thing is to contact people in the street, Im not very good at that because Im not the greatest at just walking up to random people... I dont think I got the salesman gene like some of you guys haha. 

Its been better this week though. Ive been able to understand more in lessons and actually help teach rather than feeling lost. Sometimes theyll ask a question and Im actually getting the gist of what theyre asking now too. It was actually pretty rough in the beginning of the week, I felt like I wasnt helping, and especially when I dont understand I tend to lose focus and either just daydream or nod off. Its really bad, but Im working on it. So finally one night I just prayed for help and its been so much better. I know that the Lord listens to each of us, and he wants to help us, but sometimes we just need to ask sincerely. I love prayer, and Im really grateful for it. 

One of our investigators wants to be baptized on the 8th but wants the approval of her parents first. We taught her about fasting and we all fasted on Friday. In honesty, it was hard. It was around 104 degrees that day and just super hot, but we tried to just remember why we were doing it. We havent been able to really talk with our investigator again yet, but we are really hoping that she will be baptized for this day. Im really excited to visit her this week to find out!

Hermana Dansie and I have been talking a lot about obedience, we both think that its one of the most important things. Shes a really good example for me because we were talking about how important every minute is. Be up at 6:30, exercise for 30 minutes everyday, be studying by 8, etc. You can really feel the difference when you are trying your hardest. She shared with me that one of the leaders once said that there is no obedience and exact obedience. You are either being obedient or disobedient. Im way happy I have her as a companion that we are always trying to do better and be better. 

Im really learning a lot, and Im really excited for whats to come. I hope you all have a great week this week!

Love you all!

Hermana Leavitt

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