Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter "Warning" There is a lot this week!

I'll start with the funny stuff this week!

1. So for fast Sunday we had to fast for dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. During those thimes it was just free time for us so on Saturday after class we taught our teacher how to play signs. It's a pretty fun game and we're all getting pretty good at it. Our teacher did pretty good for never playing before, but there were times you'd just hear him say 'estoy confundido', it was pretty funny. 

2. Earlier that same day I had told our teacher that we were fasting and wanted to teach him a game. Later he asked me again if I said I was fasting, and somehow I thought he asked if I had said I was in foster care, I'm still trying to figure out how I got that mixed up. It was a confusing couple of minutes until I realized what he really said, but I was pretty embarrased haha. 

3. Hermana Cook and I have been really trying to work on our Spanish more this wekk. On Monday we tried to speal solo espanol, it worked until about lunch time, but it really helped us a lot during our lessons and when we taught our investigator that day. We haven't tried another day yet but I'm going to try more because 1. it's getting really close to leaving here, just a week and half, and 2. I've already noticed how much harder it is to answer in spanish when I've been talking in english all day. But there was one day that we were walking to class and she just said, 'Yo quiero peaz.' (peace=paz) That's some true spanglish right there!

4. Last night we were working on our language study and it was pretty hard, so we decided to take a little break and walk around for a few minutes outside. Instead though we walked around and practiced our pronunciation and trying to roll our R's becasue neither of us can. We were definitely tired though because I'm pretty sure we laughed at eachother more that we actually spoke spanish, but it was great and much needed. 

5. I think the funniest thing that happened this week though was April Fools! We (hermanas in our district) didn't know what to do to the elders so before class started we told our teacher it was april fools day and explained it to him and asked if he would play a joke on them. Later he told all of us that we weren't using the language program correctly and that he got a thing from BYU saying a couple of the elders needed to start over and finish all the lessons before we leave or else they'd have to spend a couple hours in the offices while on their mission working in this program. I'm surprised they didn't catch it was a joke because we were all laughing and had to leave the room before we gave it away, and even our teacher told us he was going to kill us while he was in the middle of explaining all of this. Later he pulled us aside and said his mind was saying 'yes! this is so great' but in his heart he felt so bad. But he decided to just tell a couple of the elders because he knew they were really stressed out about it and that they have been working hard, but we can't tell the other elders until we're done with the program next week becasue he thinks that it will help them to really study the language more. It was really funny though, and we can't wait to see their reactions next week, and we hope that it does help them to use this program more because it's really helpful. 

So as you can see, it's been a really funny week, but there's been so much I've learned too, and the spirit has really been so strong in our classes. 

One of the things that we've really been talking about a lot this week is becoming more like Christ and remembering that we are his representatives. We really have almost talked about this every day, whether it be in our classes, and sometimes it wasn't even planned, and even in relief society. I've decided to work on being more patient, and I'm really learning a lot and I've found it's helping, but I have a ways to go. 

On Sunday we watched a talk by David A. Bednar about being Christlike that was really good. He really emphasized that as human beings when times get tough we tend to turn inward and think selfishly. He compared us to the cookie monster from sesame street, "give me more cookies! Give them to me now!" But when times were difficult for Christ, he still turned outward to help others. He encouraged us to find stories in the bible where he does this, and I also encourage you to do this too. And that as we try to become more like Christ, we won't just have a testimony of the gospel, but we will be converted to the gospel.

One of the other things that David A. Bednar shared to do was to buy a new Book of Mormon, just one of the cheap ones, and to think of a question about life or about the gospel in general. And to read that book of mormon with just that question and to mark it whenever there's something that helps or applies to that question. If we did this about every question we had, at the end of our lifetimes we would have a library full of answers to specific questions about this gospel, life, etc. We are going to try and do this, and for myself, I'm going to read the book of mormon and find how I can be more like Christ. I really encourage you to do this also, and to search the book of mormon with a specific question, because it will be answered. 

I just want to share with you a couple quotes that were shared this week. From Elder Robert D. Hales, "Our love of the savior is the key to savior-like obedience." And from Elder David A. Bednar "Saint means we become more like the savior." David A. Bednar shared with this, that sure, our ancestors may have come across the plains and have helped with so much of the work, but what are we doing now to become converted to this gospel?

One last thing is there is a new video about easter and the resurrection, I don't know what it's called exactly, but it's something like Because He is Risen. It's really good and I encourage you to find it and watch it. It's just a couple minutes. And also, watch conference! I'm really excited to watch it this weekend, and I know that if you have a question and write down not was they say, but what you hear through the spirit, you will receive revelation, especially for you question. 

I love you! Have a great week, and a great conference sunday and easter sunday!

Love, Hermana Leavitt

These are some of the latinas from our casa. They really helped us with our spanish and always told us that we needed to wear shoes haha. It was a really cool experience this week though. There are 5 rooms in each house, and there were about 10 or 11 latinas leaving and we all sang a hymn and prayed together and the spirit was so strong. I'm really grateful for that experience. And next time all of us from our house will be leaving, how cool is that!

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