Monday, October 26, 2015

pic 1 A member let us borrow a guitar for the baptism, I was pretty stoked i do have to say,.

pic 2 Temple trip, just a couple of the members that are awesome here in Cacahoatan!

long time no see

Pic 1 Meet the District! 

Pic 2 Eulicer and his family 

So basically every week is pretty normal, nothing too extravagent happens, and then there´s just one week where everything awesome happens and the spirit is super strong and you learn a ton and well, yeah.. 
One awesome thing was that we had the opportunity to go to the temple with the ward. 7 hour bus ride, all day in the temple, and then a 7 hour bus ride home. It was great, the spirit was so strong. And I´m just that much more grateful to have a temple 10 minutes away from home. I´m pretty lucky here, because usually when we´re this far away from Tuxtla, we can´t go to the temple unless a convert goes, but my companion hasn´t been to the temple since before her mission, 16 months. So our mission president gave us permission to go. Honestly though, when we were waiting for the bus to leave, I could feel the spirit so strong of the desire from the members to go to the temple, it was way cool. 

Another awesome thing that happened this week was that one of our investigators, Eulicer, got baptized this weekend! When i got here in this area my companion told me about Eulicer, and how he didn´t want anything to do with the church, and didn´t believe it. We went to visit him the first time together, and honestly all I can remember, is that we invited him to get married, and he said they would work on it. We invited him to be baptized after his wedding, and he accepted. My companion was in shock after, because it was the first time that he had ever accepted. After lots of work, fasting, praying, and saving up, Eulicer and his wife were able to get married last week, and this week he was able to be baptized. The spirit was so strong, and his desire to do what is right has been so strong too. These last few weeks he´s been super happy. Every time we´ve seen him he told us that he had been praying, and knew who he wanted to baptize him, or what day, what time, etc. The only thing he asked from us was that I would sing in English at his baptism, so we sang How Great thou Art in Spanish then English. Him and his wife are super happy, and they´re excited to prepare to go to the temple in a year. Honestly, everyone from this family is awesome, they´re faith is so strong and I´ve learned so much from them. 

Well, that´s it for this week, I love ya!
Hermana Leavitt

Pic 1 Meet the District! 
Pic 2 Eulicer and his family 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5, 2015


pic It rains, a lot. No joke. 

How was conference, I hope it was great! I definitely learned a lot, but I´m definitely going to read the Liahona in English when we get it. But I´m grateful that we have the opportunity to listen to conference and hear from our living prophet and apostles. I hope that we may always let the light shine through our eyes and be examples like President Monson shared. And that we can especially do this by keeping our covenants we have made, and by renewing them each week on the sabbath day. All of this conference I couldn´t help but ask myself, what will I do better to keep the sabbath day holy when i return home? It´s easy here on the mission, but it´s something I have to keep strengthening. Keeping this commandment is a protection, or maybe even a barrier we don´t quite understand in our lives. So what can you do better to keep the sabbath day holy? What goals can you make between this conference and the next? 

So a lot of change has happened these last couple weeks. We had cambios! I´m still here in Cacahoatán with Hna. Castillo (score!), but... our area has grown. We had 4 hermanas in the ward here, so there were two different areas. but now it´s just the two of us and we´re opening the other area. We´re really going to have to work with the members more, and we´re really excited and think it will help strengthen the ward. 

We´ve had some fun experiences this week. So we contacted some jovenes one day and one is trying to learn english so tried talking in english. But i´m finding i´m no help because I still respond in spanish. I´m basically in this unclear zone where I still have an american accent, and I mumble, (and I still can´t roll my r´s haha) so my spanish is a little hard to understand, but my english doesn´t really make sense either. But anyway, after talking with them I realized one had a byu basketball jersey but they had no idea what was byu, sad day. 

One other thing we´ve started doing too is in the night when we only have 20 minutes or so we go to a park to contact people. Usually there are people with guitars so we ask if we can play a hymn for them and usually can have a short lesson. We tried it this week and played How Can I Be, in english, but I translated some of it to spanish too, but yeah, we talked about the Book of Mormon after and they were a lot more interested rather than when we just ask if we can share a message or present ourselves. 

Honestly, everyday I´m just grateful to be here. I don´t know how  many times I´ve just thought, wow, I have this opportunity to share the gospel, I´m speaking a different language, and I´m able to see people change their lives through the gospel. i´m grateful for our savior Jesus Christ, our brother. With him, all is possible. 

Love you!
Hermana Leavitt