Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a Week

This week was super weird, it felt long... I would say the beginning of the week was great though, the end just seemed to drag on, but it´s all good. It´s started raining, usually only an hour at like 5 or 6 in the afternoon, but it feels so nice now. 

At the beginning of the week it was way cool. On Tuesday/Wednesday we had intercambios, where you change companionships for 24 hours. When we got the call, they said that I was going to stay in our area and Hermana Dansie was going to the other. I was kind of freaking out because that would mean I´d have to lead the way when the other hermana came, and it´s only my first time doing intercambios. But it went well, the other hermana knew a few of the people because she served in this area a year ago, but I learned that I actually have the area down pretty well. It was cool to serve with someone else for a little bit and learn some different things, but Hermana Dansie´s pretty cool and I was pretty happy to have her back. We learned though that we just need to be more bold with the people, so that´s what we´re going to work on. 

One cool thing was that we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Maria de los Angeles. She´s had doubts about the church and didn´t know if it was true. She said that she´s felt that the church she goes to is where she needs to be. When we had intercambios, Hermana Hickman decided we were going to teach lesson 1 again because she just seemed confused. At the end of the lesson, we asked Maria to pray right there to know if the church was true. During the prayer she just started crying as soon as she asked, the spirit was so strong. After, she said that she knows it´s true. It was a way cool experience. 

Wednesday was great too, we had interviews with the president. It was cool to get to talk to him for a little bit. He gave me some ideas on how we can help the members more. Mostly to teach about 1. Family History 2. Family Home Evening and 3. The Book of Mormon. He said that a lot of these things families don´t do, but it´s so important. 

Thursday was my month mark in the field, and Hermana Dansie hit her year mark! She´s actually pretty sad about it though because that means only 6 months left. I hope that I can be in that attitude when I hit my year mark... sorry mom and dad :) 

But yeah, the next couple days were kind of hard. All the kids were out for school thursday and friday so we couln´t find anybody. Pretty much just lots of walking, but we had a few lessons, so it´s good. 

This week I´ve really learned a lot from the Book of Mormon, and just realized how important it is in our lives. Today I read from Ether 12, and half the chapter is about faith and what we can achieve by having faith.  I encourage you to study the Book of Mormon today with a question in mind, and I know that you can receive inspiration for your question. One thing that I´ve noticed too is that when I really study the Book of Mormon, I don´t want to put it down. But before I got here, sometimes it was a struggle just to read for 5 minutes. So study it! It´s great!

Overall though it´s been a really good week, and it´s helped us to know what we can improve on. 

For the funny part of the week I guess, we´re really grateful for Pinterest before we came... haha We only have a microwave, but we´ve been able to make cake and brownies because of Pinterest, so you could say we´re pretty happy. 

Love you all
Hermana Leavitt

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