Monday, July 6, 2015

Overcoming Fear

pic: we´ve got some great people in the ward :)

This week was great, I don´t really know how to explain it any other way. 

So first last p day we played football, but only five people were there so really we just threw it around. But how sad is that, I played football before I played soccer in México, I think something is wrong there haha. 

A lot this week too has been trying to find people to teach. We´ve been working on finding new investigators, and a lot of the time when you stop by at the appointment we set they´re not there. But the people that we´ve been able to find, are actually really awesome and I´m excited to work with them. There´s one kid that Hermana Dansie found a couple weeks ago when I was sick and she was with a member, and he´s great. We´ve only taught him two times and he already came to church this Sunday

Then on Saturday there were a lot of trials, but everything worked out. So the ten year old I wrote about last week, got baptized! That was our event for the 4th of July! So it was supposed to be at 5 in the afternoon, but we ended up not having white clothes for him because of some miscommunication on our part. Then the church didn´t have any water, so the font wasn´t filling up either. But the bishop ended up finding clothes, and they were able to get a hold of someone that could bring water, and around 8 we started the service. So this kid has a fear of water, pretty much his face going under. He had his uncle baptize him, and the first time he got scared and didn´t go under. After another try they closed the doors so we couldn´t see, and we waited for at least 20 minutes. We had a group prayer for him and listened to primary songs. Then they opened the doors, and they tried again, but his hand didn´t go under. But he just said ok and they did it again. When he came up out of the water his face was just beaming and he just asked if it was good. It was really the coolest thing to see this little kid come over one of his biggest fears in order to be baptized. 

Well the other big news is it´s cambios today, and I´m staying in our area. But hermana Dansie is leaving to San Cristobal, which is pretty cold and she says she´s going to die. This is one thing I´m going to have to learn is change, but it will be good. And she´s going to do great in her next area. And it´s all  good, because she might come to the airport when I come home, so basically I´ll see my real mom and my mission mom haha. I´m going to be in a trio with Hermana Valensuela and Hermana Rubacabo. I haven´t met them yet, but tomorrow I will. 

But overall all is going good,
Love you all!

Hermana Leavitt

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