Monday, May 2, 2016

Transfers, but no

I like the elementary schools here, they always have cute paintings outside. 

Zona Tuxtla Grijalva

Baptism Aurora

Baptism Aydee

Baptism Aydee, all the misioneras

Temple lesson with Aurora

Distrito Las Granjas 

Sorry that I haven´t been able to write for some weeks now, the time seems to just fly by, literally. Every week just seems so fast, we can´t believe it. Chiapa de Corzo is a great area, we´ve really been able to see some great things here, and we´re excited for what´s to come, especially because Hermana de Aquino and I are going to stick together for another 6 weeks here. Now here´s the crazy part, I only have 3 transfers left, this I can´t believe...

So last week and this week we could really see the some true conversion from a couple of converts. Last Saturday (23rd) our investigator Aydee was able to be baptized, and yesterday(1st) our other investigator Aurora, a friend of Aydee, was baptized. The both of their experiences are so inspiring. Aydee had been investigating the church for about a year now, but with so many problems with sickness, it´s been a battle. When I came into the picture, she was already ready, she just needed to come to church 4 more times to complete the necessary 5 church attendances. During this time we continued visiting her and helping her continue learning to be able to strengthen her (already strong) testimony. One thing that I noticed though was that she loved the other hermana that was here before I came, Hermana Cook (my awesome MTC companion!). Aydee had asked us many times if Hermana Cook would be able to come to her baptism, but we just told her we weren´t really sure. But I called the assistants to ask permission and they gave it, and Hermana Cook was able to attend. We were able to surprise Aydee, and honestly the spirit was so strong. It was really a tender mercy to be able to see her be baptized even though I really had little to do with her progress. 

My first week here in Chiapa de Corzo, Aydee invited her friend Aurora to come to church. When we talked to her, we were able to put an appoinment, and the first thing she said was that she already had her church, and this appointment was without commitment. I always love when they say that it´s without commitment, because really, this gospel is about commitment. But anyway, my companion just told her that there wasn´t any problem with getting to know more about the church. As we visited her, we could see that her attitude had changed, and that she was always wanting to understand. She came to church by herself even when we weren´t able to see her in the week. One thing she told us was that even though she didn´t know everything, she did know that it was true, because she could feel the difference when she came to church, and she wouldn´t have come back if she didn´t think it was right. We went to the temple with her this week to have a lesson, and everything was honestly so beautiful. She decided to be baptized on Sunday, and she´ll be confirmed this following sunday. Honestly, the Lord prepared her for some time, and I´m so grateful to have been able to see her progress from the beginning, and continue working with her for the following months to come. 

I´m so grateful to be a missionary, to be able to make these changes that I need to make to be how the savior wants me to be, and to be able to see how this gospel changes lives. I know that Christ is our Savior, and that God lives. I know this church is true, and that only by living by God´s commandments we can find true happiness. 

I love you all!

Hermana Leavitt

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