Monday, November 9, 2015

Cambios! but not for us!

We had cambios today, but not here in Cacahoatán! Hermana Castillo and I are staying here! After this transfer she heads home to Bolivia, it´s super crazy. We´re going to have 4 months together here in Cacahoatán, and we´re super stoked to keep strenghthening this area and ward. 

Yesterday we had a pretty good miracle. So we passed by for our investigators to bring them to church, and no one could. We were pretty bummed, but headed on to church anyway. But about five minutes before it started, another investigator that had said couldn´t come sent us a message that he was a little late but was going to come to church. We´re working a lot with him, and honestly we feel like he´s going to progress a lot. We visited him in the evening and he said he had a lot of doubts because in the classes we used more of Doctrine and Covenants than the bible, and he felt that the church was a lot different than what he was expecting. He´s gone to another church all his life that´s a little different, but, he didn´t tell us he wouldn´t come again, so that´s the upside :)

I love hearing from you, thanks for the emails. Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Leavitt

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